Posted on: September 20, 2008 10:41 pm

nfl week 3 picks

hi all-

recap of last week

lock 1-0 times 5 units

love 1-1-1 times 3 units

like 4-5 times 1 unit

have tos 1-1 no action (up 3.2 units for the season)

fantasy wise big hits on branson marshall and Anthony Gonzalez big misses on Antonio Bryant and Jerricho Cotchery.

let's get to week 3

no locks this week in my opinion


Vikings -3 not because of frerotte... i just think they're better and desperate and at home laying only a field goal.with or without AP...

Bears-3 griese's homecoming will not be a happy one for bucs fans.

Packers+3 romo's return to wisconsin not much better.getting points but won't need it!

Eagles-3.5 buy the half if you can,but i think the eagles go off

49ers-5 detroit is pathetic on defense and mike martz wants revenge

Cardinals+3 new orleans looked suckish against the skins the cards won't

Colts-4.5 jags put up a fight, but in the end just don't have it


Ravens-2.5 Matt Stover's foot provides the difference here.don't have a real good reason here,maybe i just want to see Brady Quinn play this year

Rams+9.5 lose at home to niners check sign Koren Robinson and Keary Colbert check and double check still favored by almost double digits?i'm sending holmgren some of my flag football tape.i killed the melting pot's dbs

Broncos-5.5 all the coke and prostitutes from the guitar queero episode of south park have paid off in a big way for Jay Cutler

Patriots-12.5 should have locked the pats last week along with denver just couldn't do it.should have this as a love but can't for the same reason

because i have to

Jets+9.5 just one of those favre monday night things

Bengals+13 no reason for this one other than eli keeping the bengals in it and palmer can't be this crappy three games in a row can he?

Texans+4.5 Titans are good,just a feeling

Bills-9.5 the bills are going to be 3-0

Falcons-6.5 will Michael Turner get 200 yards every other week?possible...

Posted on: September 13, 2008 8:22 pm

nfl week 2 picks

hi all-

moving over to cbs after two years of name,same great...err pretty good...err better than greg svede's picks!


Broncos +1 LT is questionable,merriman is out. broncos looked great on mnf ON THE ROAD,home opener tomorrow with marshall back.WHY ARE THEY UNDERDOGS???fantasy note-royal is for real,but marhall resumes his dominance here


Saints -1  Portis is calling out coaches,quarterback, wide receivers,offensive i leaving anyone out?everyone says defense looked better after first quarter but, i saw Giants letting them off the hook.the saints won't!fantasy note bump up bush,thomas and shockey.everyone is grabbing Devery Henderson and David Patten,but the main beneficiary of colston's injury at wide receiver will be Lance Moore.

Patriots +1 if Brady was playing they'd be favored by 10+.the pats roll and Favre throws 3 picks!fanstasy note-moss will be fine without brady,welker suffers more.i LOVE cotchery in this game.

Panthers -3 Miracle win on the road followed up by romp at home.Mr Orton is introduced to Mr Peppers on a regular basis.fantasy note-muhammed was most targeted wr in the league last week,you could do far worse than moose for week 2.


Vikings +1.5 the vikes looked pretty good monday night.colts DID NOT look good sunday night.i also like the over in this game.AP has one those signature games and indy is suddenly 0-2 for the first time in recent memory.fantasy note-if clark is out for indy,i LOVE gonzalez to have a huge game versus the vikings' nickel back

Rams +8.5 they were humiliated in philly,i thought jim haslett was going to have a stroke on the sidelines(honestly).but now they come home regroup and hang in against the champs.despite eli's new swagger that we heard about ad nauseum, i saw him throw 5 balls that should have been picked against the Redskins and didn't finish off a team that couldn't get out of it's own way.they're not putting the rams away this week.fantasy note-week one noone really noticed osi and strahan's absence this week you will bulger,holt and sjax get on track tomorrow

Browns +6.5 also left picking up what was left of there collective jocks sunday were the browns.the experts' darling got roughed up by the best team in the league.steelers looked great but houston didn't have the power running game that the Steelers struggled with last year the browns do and will exploit the steelers defense.fantasy note-i love all skill positons on both teams in this one,perhaps a repeat of the browns/bengals week 2 last year

Falcons +7 pretty much Matt Ryan is Peyton Manning and Michael Turner is jim brown.not!they'll come back to earth a bit this week, but they'll hang around a punchless Buccaneers squad.fantasy note if griese is keeping the job long term bump up your bucs a bit it'll benefit their whole offense.antonio bryant starts his march to 1,000 yards here

Seahawks -6.5 yeah,yeah i know embarrassed in buffalo.every offensive player on the roster is hurting,but giving less than a touchdown to the niners?JTO throws 3 picks and gives the game and eventually mike nolan's job away.fantasy note-avoid everyone not named Frank Gore in this one

Cardinals -6.5 i am a little worried here. just a hunch,but i think cards go off.fantasy note-ronnie brown will start to reassert himself over ricky beginning this all cards even Steve Breaston if you are scrambling for a flex

Bills +5 after completely dismantling the seahawks(literally,pieces of burleson and morris still on the field)the bills face a desperate 0-1 jags squad that has lost four lineman in two weeks.with out the dominate line will the running game slow down?will garrard get pressure in his face before he can react?this week,i say yes!fantasy note- all jags struggle,matt jones gets some garbage stats

Chiefs -3.5 chiefs hung in against new england that should translate to a big win at home against the Raiders.fantasy note (i have no fantasies involving raiders or chiefs.LOL!)just like griese,huard helps the value of all chiefs(just not as much) and i still like curry going forward

Packers -3 by far the superior team.fantasy note-love all packers in this one,as everyone that plays fantasy football knows garbage time IS kitna time


Bengals -1 as you know i'm an Eagles fan,but inexplicably,i do have a collective mancrush for the bengals.i think collins with benefit the Titans offense and i don't have a good reason for this pick.i just see the bengals bouncing back at home.fantasy note-lenwhale's demise reported too soon.i'm betting(literally)he has more carries than Chris Johnson this week against a smallish bengals defense

Eagles +6.5 you can't bet with your heart(at least it makes it very messy for bookmakers to collect,or so i'm told)but i think this games is going down to the wire.THEM BOYZ are the best team in the league.i just don't think the eagles are so far behind.straight up in my office pool i took the's a cliche, but this game comes down to line play.if the boys pick up the eagles' blitz and give romo and barber room to work it's going to be a long night.if the eagle's give mcnabb time he will abuse the cowboys' secondary.fantasy note-i DO have fantasies involving EAGLES!but that is a completely different blog altogether(donovan, did you get the birthday present i sent you?)start everyone you normally would

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